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Waders - confident comfort


In general a pair of quality waders is by far the most important piece of your fishing tackle. In an emergency you can always cast and fish with a broom stick, but wading in an ice-cold mountain stream or the North Sea with a pair of leaking waders will have a very quick, cold and wet end. This is the reason why we try to emphasize the importance of selecting the right waders. NOTE: Just recently, the readers of a UK based Total Flyfisher magazine have voted Vision to be the Winner (Best manufacturer) in the Chest Waders category in their annual tackle awards survey. The results were announced in their January 2012 issue (see The magazine states: “These guys have been at the very forefront of wader design for some years now. The company’s breathable and neoprene Ikon chest waders are a popular pick with most of us. Solid and reliable, these won’t let you down when it matters.” Needless to say, we are very happy and determined to do our best also in the future.

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